About MSES Consultants, Inc

MSES Consultants, Inc. (MSES) has been a provider of quality professional services to the natural gas industry since our establishment in March 1976.

In 1995, MSES began developing and field testing numerous test methods, field test kits, products and equipment items for the evaluation of external and internal corrosion, with the objective of allowing pipeline operators to conduct their own corrosion assessment testing and monitoring.

In 2000, MSES founded our Corrosion Products Division. This Division of MSES is constantly working to develop, test, upgrade and market test kits, products and equipment to address the needs of the professional corrosion monitor.  Before any test kit, product or article of equipment is offered for sale, extended field testing under actual conditions is performed by MSES’ own corrosion survey crews, sample technicians, corrosion scientists, and engineers.  This ensures the test kits, products and equipment we presently offer for sale have been subjected to lengthy field trials.  This product scrutiny does not stop at the end of the field trial, but is ongoing with the test kits, products and equipment continuously under review, and with changes and upgrades made to these products to meet the ever changing regulations, technology and feedback from the users.  If you have comments or suggestions for MSES Corrosion Products Division’s test kits, products and equipment or would like to see new test kits, products and/or equipment, we welcome your feedback.